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Course Request System (CRS)

Monique Wright is a student records assistant with the Office of the Registrar at UC Riverside.


Course Proposals: A Team Effort

Course proposals are how academic departments suggest creating a new course, changing an existing course or bringing an old course back to life. Faculty can initiate a proposal and route to a designated preparer, or a designated preparer can enter the course proposal information into the Course Request System (CRS). The proposal is then routed through an approval process in which the shared system allows for multiple approvers to provide feedback. Ultimate approval is granted by the Committee on Courses.

See a detailed overview of how course proposals work.

Review and Approve Proposals

All course proposals follow a specific approval route. When it's your turn to provide feedback, you will do so in CRS.

Use this page to connect with the guidelines and log in to CRS.

Please email crsfeedback@ucr.edu if you need help!



Prepare Successful Proposals

If your department has designated you its course proposal preparer, we can help you schedule training, explain the proposal process, show you what materials you need to get from faculty and give you confidence when entering the actual proposal in the Course Request System (CRS).

  • Step 1. See an overview of how course proposals work.
  • Step 2. Review users and definitions to understand the role each person plays in the process and to clarify unfamiliar terms.
  • Step 3. Read the Style GuidelinesCourse Management Guide and Forms. Reading these before you get started will help!
  • Step 4. Most proposals require you to request reports showing how other courses and programs would be impacted. See if your proposal falls into this category and request reports through our online form.
  • Step 5. Enter the proposal in CRS. Keep helpful forms and any faculty-provided worksheets handy as you work through the process.
  • Step 6. After you submit the proposal, work with faculty and departmental staff to make adjustments to the proposal as needed (based on review/approver feedback in the comments section of CRS).
  • Step 7. Log in and search for your proposal. All users must ensure that their proposal reaches the correct Committee on Courses meeting.

Please email  crsfeedback@ucr.edu if you need help!

Course Proposal and Review

Faculty Initiate a Course Proposal

Follow these steps to find a preparer, review guidelines, complete forms and make the course proposal process as smooth as possible.

In the case where you have received an award for an online UCOP-ILTI course, please reach out to the Academic Engagement Team for support and assistance with online instruction and pedagogy.

Please email crsfeedback@ucr.edu if you need help!

Faculty Committee Member Review

Follow these steps to review a proposed course.

  • Step 1. Faculty has been assigned to a committee (College Executive Committee, Graduate Council Committee or Committee on Courses).
  • Step 2. Log into CRS (this is where the My Queue information will be loaded).
  • Step 3. Select the course you want to view by selecting the course number.
  • Step 4. Review the course selected by following the instructions detailed in this document for faculty.
  • Step 5. Search for a course, as detailed in this document for faculty.

Please email  crsfeedback@ucr.edu if you need assistance with either of these processes.