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Guide to Graduation

UCR students walk across the stage in their caps and gowns at Commencement.

Stay On Track

Your graduation depends on the work and services of several people at UCR: our office, your college, your academic advisor and those planning Commencement.

Plan ahead with our graduation timeline and see the role we play in the process. Continually monitor your progress with regular degree audits and, as you near graduation, make sure you apply by the appropriate deadline. After you graduate, let us help you get your diploma.

  • This timeline is a general guideline only and pertains mostly to the way you interact with our office on the way to graduation. Work with your college and advisors to ensure success.
  • Graduate students have their own timeline and should consult the Graduate Division.
  • Use the unofficial transcript to confirm when your degree has been posted.
  • Other graduation timelines can be found on the Commencement website

Graduation Timeline

  • Beginning as a freshman ...
    • Run regular degree audits throughout your academic career. It will help you keep track of both your completed and remaining degree requirements.

    • Check your academic record frequently to make sure all the information is up-to-date and accurate.
  • As a junior ...
    • Meet with your academic advisor three quarters before your expected graduation date to ensure that you are going to complete all of your degree requirements on time.
  • As a senior ...
    • Submit your application via R'Web by the appropriate deadline and per your college's instructions. For undergraduates not in the Schools of Education or Public Policy, the application process is a two-step process with an initial submission via R'Web and a secondary submission with the College per the instructions provided at the end of your R'Web application.

    • At the end of your graduating quarter, your academic advisor and college will review your coursework to see if you've met all of your major and/or minor requirements. Then, our office will review it to double-check and to verify you've met all university requirements.

    • If you are missing requirements, you will receive a notification from the university in the mail and by R'mail. You must meet all requirements before you can graduate.

    • If you have completed all requirements you will graduate!

    • Make sure you have paid all fees on your student account. Your diploma will be held for any outstanding fees.
  • After you graduate ...

    •  Celebrate graduation at Commencement! Visit the Commencement website for important participant information. Whether you have secured a job, will continue your education, or are taking a year off to volunteer, we would love to hear from you!

    •  Please share your story with us through this brief survey: careers.ucr.edu/destination. To learn more about this survey and where fellow Highlanders have landed post-graduation, visit https://careers.ucr.edu/first-destination.

    •  Diplomas will be mailed to your permanent address approximately four to six months after you graduate. An email is sent to your R’mail account when the diploma is mailed. If you have a financial hold preventing you from receiving your diploma, the diploma will be mailed to the UCR campus. You may contact the Registrar’s Office once the hold is cleared with your current mailing address and your diploma will be sent. 

    •  Your R’mail account will remain active as an alumni, but you may want to forward your R’mail  to a personal email account so that you don't miss your diploma notice or other important UCR communications.

    •  Your R'Web account does remain active and accessible after you have graduated.