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Degree Audit Plans

Follow a Four-Year Plan

When you start at UCR, you are assigned a four-year plan designed to give you a roadmap to finish requirements and graduate in four years.

You should discuss questions and alterations to your plan with your major adviser. You and your adviser may create plans from scratch at any time for remaining requirements, or to follow an alternative plan. This is advised for students past freshmen year without a four-year plan assigned to them. 

You may also search for existing four-year templates by degree and major to add to your plan list.

Note: Degree audit plans are a helpful tool, but you should consult with your advisor for the final word on graduation requirements.

Manage Your Plan

Access and Navigate an Assigned Course Plan

Use these instructions to understand the different views, locate plans already assigned to you or search for a template for a new plan.

Modify an Assigned Course Plan

Use these instructions to make changes to a degree audit plan.

Create a New Course Plan

Use these instructions to create your own plan for your remaining requirements to graduate.