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FERPA For Families

Families: Access Your Student's Records

  • UCR never gives private information out over the phone or by email (even with consent).
  • R'Web self-service and their Student Account Online are the online systems students use to track their grades, view their transcripts, register for classes and view their financial statement of account.
  • Proxies who have been authorized by the student to view Student Business Services, Financial Aid, or Housing information, log in to Self-Service.
  • Proxies who have been authorized by the student to make a payment log in to Student Account Online. 

Students Control Who Sees Their Information

While you understandably have an interest in your child's academic, financial or disciplinary records, you need permission to access those records. Your student can grant you that permission in a few different ways. See our Disclosure Policies for more details.

In general, sensitive information is only shared with the student's consent, in a health or safety emergency or in accordance with another FERPA exception.

Frequently Asked Questions