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Priority Registration

Priority registration is reserved for: Regents and Chancellor's Scholars, students with disabilities, foster youth, graduate students, student athletes/team managers, University Honors students, student parents and veterans/military.

Student Parents

  • Who is eligible?

    Any student who provides more than 50% of the financial support for a child under the age of 18.

  • How are students identified?

    Students are identified by the completion of the form Confirmation of Eligibility for Students with Dependents (DEPCH). 

  • How do you get the DEPCH?

    Starting is 2024 – 2025, this form will automatically be triggered to be sent to all students who identify on their FAFSA or CADAA that they have dependents. 

  • What if I didn’t fill out a FAFSA/CADAA or am not able to?

    We first encourage any student parent to fill out a free FAFSA/CADAA because students may also be eligible for other resources to assist with their education. If you cannot complete the FAFSA/CADAA, you can still receive the DEPCH to complete and submit for priority registration.

    Students who need access to the DEPCH who will not fill out a FAFSA/CADAA may submit a confirmation for eligibility as a student parent here.

  • What if I give birth after I have submitted my FAFSA/CADAA, is it too late to get priority registration for the next quarter?

    No, it is not, but you will want to reach out to your financial aid counselor to discuss next steps. This will allow them to counsel you on if you should revise your FAFSA/CADAA or simply complete the DEPCH.

    Important note! A completed DEPCH must be on file and approved for a student to qualify for priority registration so ensure you submit your form in time. It can take up to 2 weeks for the DEPCH to be processed.  The form must be registered as completed and approved by the Friday before “enrollment appointments are viewable in R’Web”. This date is published quarterly on the Academic Calendar.

    This is an annual verification process, so please be on the lookout each year to complete the DEPCH.