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FERPA for UCR Employees

Ensure Your FERPA Compliance

  • For definitions of what constitutes "personally identifiable information" or "educational records," see UC FERPA 101.
  • Our office handles all official transcripts and subpoena requests.

Your Access

You have access to a student's educational records for the sole purpose of performing your job responsibly. You are granted this access as a school official with "legitimate educational interest." This is defined as:

  • Performing a task specified in a position description or contract
  • Performing a task related to a student's education or discipline
  • Providing a service to a student
  • Maintaining safety and security on campus

Your Responsibilities

  • You have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of a student's educational records, regardless of the medium in which those records are presented.
  • Posting grades using the student's name, student ID number or any portion of the social security number violates FERPA.
  • You may not disclose personally identifiable information about a student nor permit inspection of a student's educational records without that student's written consent (e.g., a signed department-specific release form).
  • It is your responsibility to verify that student directory information is not restricted before releasing it.  You will be notified if a student has restricted at least one item by a warning message in the top right corner of the student information system page - “Warning: Information about this person is confidential.”  You must then go to the page GPADRF to review which items have been restricted.
  • Reference letters written on behalf of a student do not give you authorization to disclose that student's records or performance details without that student's written consent (e.g., a signed department-specific release form).
  • In general, student information may only be shared with the student's consent, in a health or safety emergency, or pursuant to another FERPA exception.

Getting Access to the Student Information System & Required FERPA Training

UCR employees (and student employees) who want to access the Student Information System (Banner) must complete special training. Student workers and their supervisor must sign a statement of FERPA understanding. More information about access and training can be found at ucrbanner.ucr.edu.

Required Verification of Student Information for Employment Purposes

If a certain GPA or the completion of a specific class or a grade in a course is required to apply for or maintain the position, the student should be directed to submit official or unofficial grade reports or transcripts (degree audit summary in R’Web), so that the employer can verify the academic performance.

Staff and faculty who have access to the student information system as a part of other defined job responsibilities are prohibited from using that access to check the GPA, grades, class schedule, contact information or any other information for the purpose of verifying information submitted on an employment application or in order to qualify the student to maintain the position even if the student gives consent. Students should instead be directed to provide a transcript or grade summary as noted above. For more information, please review the PDF here

How Can Students Release Records?

Students can customize their public directory information, authorize self-service users (e.g., family) and sign department-specific release forms. See Disclosure Policies for more details.

Department-Specific Release Forms

Your department may modify this Permission to Release Educational Records form. It's a way for students to grant your department permission to release their records to third parties. It must be completed prior to the disclosure of any private information.

FERPA questions should be directed to the Campus FERPA Officer at 951-827-3427 or via email (bracken.dailey@ucr.edu).