Our office is operating remotely and available to assist you via reghelpdesk@ucr.edu. More on Campus Return and COVID-19. Late payment penalties have changed for spring 2020. Temporary amendment regarding Residency for Tuition Purposes and the coronavirus (COVID-19).


About Us

We Are The Office of The Registrar


Our office is located on the second floor of the Student Services Building, room 2249. For in-person service, start at the Highlander One-Stop Shop (HOSS) on the first floor of the Student Services Building.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Main Phone/Email

(951) 827-7284
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Transcript Helpline:

(844) 728-2927
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our mission is to:
  • Deliver accurate, prompt, courteous and consistent service to all students and constituents of the university, consistent with its educational mission.
  • Take a leadership role in the accurate and efficient management of data in the primary functional areas of the office: registration, student academic records, course and classroom scheduling, classroom utilization, publications production and data distribution.
  • Promote and use the fullest available resources in the performance of our duties and responsibilities.

What is a registrar?

A university registrar maintains the academic records of all registered students. Our office provides a variety of services that support the campus community including:

  • Preserving student academic records and releasing transcripts
  • Verifying student status
  • Providing detailed tuition and fee information
  • Determining residency for tuition and fee purposes
  • Confirming graduation (with colleges) and issuing diplomas
  • Helping students explore, register for, and adjust their classes
  • Highlighting important dates and deadlines
  • Protecting students' privacy through FERPA
  • Assisting faculty and staff with course proposals and classroom scheduling


Registrar & Administration

Bracken Dailey - Registrar

Bracken Dailey

(951) 827-7284

Kari Geske - Associate Registrar

Kari Geske

Associate Registrar
(951) 827-3405

Tian Mathews

Tian Matthews

Financial & Administrative Support Coordinator
(951) 827-3402

Student Records

Jeffrey Williams - Scheduling Analyst

Jeff Williams 

Assistant Registrar, Records 
(951) 827-5896

Brian Villa

Brian Villa

HOSS Information Specialist

Liz Alday - Student Records Assistant

Liz Alday

Student Records Assistant
(951) 827-5978

monique wright

Monique Wright

Student Records Assistant
(951) 827-2454

Stacey Marsalisi - Student Records Assistant

Stacey Marsalisi

Student Records Assistant
(951) 827-5966

Jenna Conrad

Jenna Conrad

Student Records Assistant
(951) 827-5977

Degree Audit & Graduation

Jerome Thompson - Assistant Registrar, Degree Audit and Graduation

Jerome Thompson

Assistant Registrar - Degree Audit and Graduation
(951) 827-3716

Nikki Li Degree Audit and Graduation Assistant

Nikki Li

Degree Audit & Graduation Assistant
(951) 827-5971

nelson quintanilla

Nelson Quintanilla

Degree Audit & Graduation Specialist
(951) 827-3403

Tammy Waggoner - Degree Audit & Graduation Assistant

Tammy Waggoner

Degree Audit & Graduation Specialist
(951) 827-3426

No Photo

Ashley Bojorquez

Degree Audit & Graduation Specialist
(951) 827-3409


Courses & Academic Scheduling

Linda_Coco_Assistant Registrar, Courses and Academic Scheduling

Linda Coco

Assistant Registrar, Courses and Academic Scheduling
(951) 827-4489

Deborah Briese - Scheduling Assistant

Deborah Briese

Scheduling Assistant
(951) 827-3442

Margaret Stewart - Scheduling Analyst

Margaret Stewart

Scheduling Analyst
(951) 827-2883

Erik Staiger

Erik Staiger

Scheduling Analyst
(951) 827-7283

Melinda Miller - Course Specialist

Melinda Miller

Course Specialist
(951) 827-2459

Bryan Cracchiolo

Bryan Cracchiolo 

Scheduling Analyst
(951) 827-9208