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Change Your Information: Name, Address, Lived Name, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation Information

Two UCR students use the workstations in the Highlander One-Stop Shop (HOSS).

Change Your Information

  • Legal Name / Date of Birth / Social Security Number
  • Lived Name

    Change your Lived Name

    You may provide the university a lived name via R’Web. Use of a lived name is optional and can be provided, updated or removed at any time.

    • Providing a lived name will update the system so that your lived name displays in your R’Web; R’Mail address; iEval; Class and grade rosters for faculty use in iGrade; For departmental reporting purposes.
    • For Zoom, students may follow these instructions, to update their name.
    • Use of the legal name is necessitated for some university business and therefore is always maintained in the student information system.
    • The UCR Directory will only use your legal name. If you do not want your R’Mail address to be visible in the Directory next to your legal name, please opt out of the Directory listing by going to R’Web – Personal Information – Authorization & Privacy – Directory Information Privacy. Check the box for Online Directory.
    • You may request a new R’Card with your lived name. The standard replacement card fee will apply. Learn more on the Card Services website.
    • See lived name frequently asked questions.  
  • Address or Phone Number

    Change Your Address or Phone Number

    You can change your local and/or permanent address or phone number by clicking on the Personal Information icon in R’Web. The majority of communications from UCR are provided to students by email via R’mail. This includes notification that your bill is ready to be reviewed, instructions related to registration, etc. If you expect to receive a refund and have not signed up for direct deposit, your check will be mailed to your local address on file (if you are living on campus this will be your campus housing). If you do not have a local address on file, it will be mailed to your permanent address on file.

    Update Other Offices

    Keep in mind, the address and phone number you submit is also used by:

    • Financial Aid
    • Student Business Services
    • Academic Departments
    • The Campus Health Center
    • Campus Housing

    It is NOT used by:
    • Rivera Library
    • Transportation and Parking Services

    That means you will need to contact those offices and inform them of your change of address and/or phone number.

    If you want to update your phone number used for the campus emergency notification system you may do so in the Personal Information icon of R’Web. If you have questions about the process to update your emergency phone number or the notification system itself, click here or contact Bear Help.

  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

    Change your Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation Information

    Students may provide the university their gender identity and/or sexual orientation via R’Web. Providing this information is optional and is used by the university targeting resources and other student support services (e.g., scholarships and themed housing). This data also enables the campus to develop curricular and co-curricular offerings that reflect students’ diverse perspectives, and that promotes a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students.

    See Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Frequently Asked Questions.