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Degree Audit

Run a Degree Audit

You can review your degree progress via R'Web with the "Degree Audit" icon. A current academic program summary and a list of options will be displayed.* 

You can see:
  • All of your degree information
  • Just your remaining requirements
  • How courses you are thinking of taking would fulfill requirements (Look Ahead)
  • The GPA you need in your last terms to achieve a final desired GPA (GPA calculator)
You can run "what-if" scenarios that apply to:
  • Your current major (including second majors and any minors)
  • A potential major
  • A potential minor
  • A potential concentration
  • Impact of specific course completions
  • Your secondary baccalaureate program (if applicable)

Review the Audit

Your Degree Audit will reveal:
  • Completed Requirements

    These requirements are identified on the audit by a green box with a check mark.

  • Degree Requirements

    These are the requirements that apply to all students at UCR, no matter their major/minor. For example, for undergraduate students, they include a minimum of 180 quarter units, a cumulative UC GPA of 2.00 or greater, senior residence, a maximum of 6.0 units in physical education activity, the Entry Level Writing Requirement, and American History and Institutions. This section also summarizes whether all sections of your audit are being satisfied.

  • College Requirements

    These are general breadth requirements connected to your college (BCOE, CHASS, etc.). They may include courses in English composition, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, language and/or ethnic studies.

  • Major Requirements

    These are the lower and upper-division courses required to fulfill your major. A GPA of 2.00 or greater in all upper-division course work connected to your major is required.

  • Academic Requirements Remaining

    These represent a combination of degree, college, and major requirements.  They are identified on the audit by an empty red box and a note saying what is Still Needed.

* Please be aware that the degree-check feature serves an informational function only. It is not an official review. Students should take any degree audit questions or concerns to their academic advisor.