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Cancellation, Withdrawal, Absence and Readmission

UC Riverside


Leaving and Returning to UCR

Whether you're taking a break from UCR or applying to return - we can help. See clear instructions on how to cancel your registration, withdraw from UCR, take a leave of absence or apply for readmission. 

It may help you to note that "cancellation" takes place before the first day of instruction and "withdrawal" takes place after classes have begun.

  • Cancel Your Registration

    Cancel Your Registration

    If you registered and paid fees but are now unable to attend UCR, you may cancel your registration prior to the first day of instruction. You will receive a full refund of most (but not all) fees. See the Refund Table for details. Please note that if financial aid has been disbursed and refunded, it will be reversed and you will be responsible for the return of any financial aid refunds. Students cannot drop their last class in R’Web. To cancel fully from the term, please follow the steps below. 

    Students who cancel are eligible to enroll for two additional quarters before an application for readmission must be submitted. See below. Students can confirm if they are eligible to enroll without a readmission application by confirming their Student Status states “Ready to Enroll” via the Student Profile. Keep an eye out in your R’Mail account for information regarding registration for each quarter. 

    Beginning the first day of instruction, if you no longer plan to attend UCR, you must formally withdraw. See the Withdraw section for more details.

    To cancel your enrollment, please complete the Enrollment Cancellation Form . Requests are generally processed in 10 business days or less and the date of your submission will be honored.

  • Withdraw

    Withdraw From a Class

    • If you want to drop a class through the add/drop period, you can select Drop in the “Registration” icon of R’Web.
    • If you want to drop a class after the add/drop period, you actually need to "withdraw" from it. This is an enrollment adjustment
    • Keep in mind, when you withdraw from a course, a "W" will appear on your transcript instead of a grade. 
    • If you're planning on withdrawing from ALL of your classes, you must officially withdraw from the university. 
    • You cannot drop your last class in R'Web. To withdraw fully for the term, please follow the steps below. 

    Withdraw From the University

    If, beginning on the first day of instruction, you find you are not going to attend UCR any longer, you must formally withdraw from the university. The process depends on your college:

    • CHASS, SPP, and BCOE students may withdraw by completing an undergraduate Application for Withdrawal
    • CNAS, SB, and SOE students who wish to withdraw should first schedule a meeting with their advisor.
    • Graduate students should contact the Graduate Division.
    Can't I just drop all of my classes in R'Web?

    NO! You still need to complete official withdrawal procedures and paperwork per your college's instructions. If you do not do this properly, your refund amount may be compromised. The system will prevent you from dropping your last class through self-service. If you plan to withdraw from the university, you must complete the withdrawal procedure.

    No Matter What: Consult Financial Aid First

    It is very important to consult with Financial Aid before deciding to withdraw. If you withdraw before completing 60% of the quarter, a prorated portion of aid must be returned to the federal government and will be deducted from your refund. In addition, if you receive a refund of fees, your Cal Grant must be reduced to the amount of the actual systemwide fees (educational fee plus registration fee), which you are charged for the quarter (initial amount assessed less refunded amount). If that amount exceeds the amount of your refund, you may end up owing money to federal and state aid programs.


    The percentage of tuition and fees that you are refunded depends on when you withdraw and what type of student you are. Not all fees are refundable. See the Refund Table for details. If you are a new student who receives Title IV federal financial aid and withdraw before the end of week six of your first quarter, you will receive a prorated refund.

  • Take a Leave of Absence

    Take a Leave of Absence

    • Graduate students who wish to apply for a leave of absence should contact the Graduate Division.
    • During a leave of absence, you are not considered an active UCR student.
    • Contact Financial Aid before deciding to take a leave of absence.

    Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)

    Undergraduate students may interrupt their regular education for one year (or less) for a variety of reasons including clarifying educational goals, gaining practical experience away from campus or completing a program that will benefit their academic life. In order to qualify, you must have completed at least one quarter at UCR and be in good academic standing. If you have F-1 visa status, you cannot participate in this program. See the PELP information sheet for full details.

    Planned Opportunities Abroad Agreement (POAA)

    POAA allows students to study abroad with a non-UC program and return to UCR without having to apply for readmission. Contact LaSharon McLean Perez for POAA advising and forms.

  • Apply for Readmission

    Apply for Readmission

    You must apply for readmission to UCR if:
    • You formally withdrew from UCR and are now ready to return to complete your degree.
    • You did not enroll or you cancelled and have been away for three or more consecutive quarters.
    How to Apply
    • If you meet one of the criteria above, please see the Application for Readmission for specific requirements and process details. Ensure you submit your readmission by the deadlines posted below.

    Application Deadlines

    Quarter of Readmission Application Deadline
    Spring 2024 January 8, 2024
    Fall 2024 June 24, 2024
    Winter 2025 Sept. 26, 2024
    Spring 2025 Jan. 6, 2025
    Fall 2025 March 31, 2025


    • If you earned credit at another institution while you were away (including UCR Extension), you must send those transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions six weeks before your readmission quarter begins.
    • If your readmission is approved, you must complete the Statement of Legal Residence again (if you are away for three quarters or more).


    Please contact your college directly: