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What is iGrade

iGrade is UCR’s online grade submission portal. Instructors can view course rosters, submit grades (via the web interface or by uploading a spreadsheet), and process grade changes. Grades submitted through iGrade are transmitted to Banner, the campus’ student information system.

  • Access iGrade


    • To access the iGrade system, visit https://igrade.ucr.edu/ and enter your UCR NETID and password.
    • Instructors will be granted access automatically when their NETID is established and they are assigned to course sections. See “Who to Contact” below for assistance.
    • Staff within the colleges and schools with a business need to access iGrade can submit a request here.
  • Dates & Deadlines

    Dates & Deadlines

    • Class rosters are available one week prior to the start of instruction each term.
    • Grading opens at 8am on the Monday of the 10th week of each term.
    • Grades are due by midnight on the Tuesday after finals week for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters and after each Summer Session.
    • Reminders will be sent each quarter to instructors’ UCR email address.
  • Training & Resources

    Training & Resources

    Most tasks in iGrade are addressed in the resources below. iGrade also features on-screen instructions for assistance without leaving the system.



    Video Walkthrough 

    Navigating Your Course List 



    Adding a Student to Your Roster 



    Changing a Student’s Grade 



    Grading a Course (web interface) 



    Grading a Course (roster upload) 



    iGrade Overview 



    Other Helpful Items:

  • Who to Contact

    Who to Contact

    • NetID and Password Help - Contact the Help Desk at (951) 827-IT4U for password assistance or follow these instructions  to lookup your NETID.
    • Faculty Course Assignments – If your course list is missing a course or shows a course you did not teach, please reach out to the academic scheduling contact for your department.
    • General Questions and Assistance – Please contact Halim Alvarez (halim.alvarez@ucr.edu) or call (951) 827-7284.
    • Technical Support - Please submit a ServiceLink ticket  to Information Technology Solutions.
  • Administrative Checklist (MSO & Department Scheduler)

    Administrative Checklist (MSO & Department Scheduler)

    • Please ensure that all new faculty appointments and promotions are submitted to the Registrar’s Office via Workfront for entry into Banner. These should be sent as early as possible and no later than the 3rd week of the quarter. This is especially critical for all new faculty and any faculty transitioning from a TA appointment.
    • Please assist all new faculty by ensuring that they have a working UCR NetID and password.
    • Please ensure that all course sections have an instructor assigned in Banner. Courses assigned to "Staff" will not be accessible for grading.
    • If the instructor of a course changes during a quarter, please ensure that the new information is entered into Banner so that the new instructor can grade the course.