Enrollment Services departments are open for in-person and virtual services. Please check the Enrollment Services Update page for hours, service offerings, and contact methods.


Support Services

System Information: Set Yourself Up For Success 

For Faculty and General Users:

Faculty (non-approver) and general users who simply want to look up information in CRS quickly (without editing) can use the Web-based application.

For Preparers and Approvers:

Preparers and approvers will need to have their System Access Administrator (SAA) in their subject code department enter them into the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS).

How to Sign Up for CRS Training

Our training sessions are the best way to learn how to submit a course proposal properly. Please email Course Specialist Melinda Miller to sign up for training. Online training is also available through the UC Learning Center.

How to Log in to CRS

Training is required for permission to log in to CRS (see above).

  1. Have your SAA give you access to subject codes.
  2. Visit crs.ucr.edu.
  3. Enter your UCR Net ID and password and click OK.
  1. Log in here using your UCR Net ID and password.
General Users
  1. Use your campus Net ID to view all courses and search for proposals. Logging in is not necessary. Fields cannot be edited in this mode.
All Users
  1. Visit crs.ucr.edu.
  2. Enter your UCR Net ID and password and click OK.

See a detailed overview of how course proposals work.