Part-Time Waiver  


The Part-Time Fee Waiver

If you attend UCR part-time, you may be entitled to reduced tuition. To qualify, undergraduates must meet certain requirements and submit an Undergraduate Petition for Unit/Fee Reduction. For graduate students, the process is slightly different. Contact the Graduate Division for forms and details.

If approved, you will pay one-half of your applicable tuition. If you qualify for nonresident status, you will also pay one-half of your nonresident supplemental tuition fee. You will still need to pay all campus-based fees (including the Student Services Fee) in full.

pic Who can apply for a part-time fee waiver?

  • Undergraduate students with a dean-approved course load of 10 units or fewer may apply.
  • Graduate students with six units or fewer may apply.

pic When does a part-time fee waiver have to be submitted?

  • Each quarter you intend to enroll in 10 units or fewer.
  • Before NOON on the Friday of the second week of instruction. See the calendar for details.
  • Please note: we do not process waivers until your enrollment is reduced to 10 units or fewer.

pic Can international students apply for part-time fee waiver?

  • Federal regulations require international students with F-1 or J-1 immigration status to maintain a full course load of 12 units each quarter.
  • Dropping below 12 units without consulting an international student advisor at the International Student Resource Center (ISRC) jeopardizes legal status.
  • Federal regulations allow for a drop below 12 units in very limited circumstances. If you are an international student considering part-time status, it is essential that you talk to an advisor at the ISRC before dropping classes or filing a part-time waiver.


pic Does a part-time fee waiver impact financial aid?

  • Your award may be reduced if you receive a part-time fee reduction. You could also face a unit deficit affecting future financial aid eligibility.
  • We strongly recommend consulting your financial aid counselor before reducing your course load in order to determine the impact part-time status could have on your aid.

pic Are employees eligible for a part-time fee waiver?

No, employees who are utilizing the Employee Reduced Fee Enrollment Policy are not eligible for the part-time fee waiver. Please visit Human Resources for more information on reduced-fee eligibility for employees.