Tuition and Fees  


Your Tuition and Fees Made Simple

Find out how much tuition and fees cost, what they support, when they're due, how residency and part-time status have an impact, and more.

pic Tuition and Fees

Quarterly Fees

See this quarter's tuition and fees and access descriptions of nearly all fees on campus. See miscellaneous fees that are not mandatory, but may apply.

Your Statement of Account

Most financial details, including unpaid tuition and fees, projected student aid and more can be found in the Statement of Account in R'Web.

Ways to Pay and Deadlines

Please see Student Business Services for payment options and important payment deadlines.


pic Course Materials and Services Fees

Learn about course-specific fees that cover the cost of vital learning materials, cutting-edge classroom equipment and other tools that help students thrive.

pic The Part-Time Waiver

Some undergraduate students who attend UCR part-time may be eligible for a tuition and fee reduction. Learn more.

pic The Refund Table

Use the refund table to estimate anticipated refunds and see the impact of timing on your part.

pic Residency for Tuition Purposes

Explore Residency for Tuition Purposes and find out how to qualify for resident status, change your status, complete your Statement of Legal Residence and more.