Special Programs  


Earn Credit Off-Campus

UCR students are innovative learners. We give credit for work completed in unique circumstances. Certain procedures must be followed and only specific programs qualify. Military programs, extension courses and studying abroad are just some of the ways you can earn credit for extraordinary work.

Summer Classes UCR Extension Cross Registration Programs Internships

UCR and Off-Campus Summer Classes

  • Credit earned through UCR Summer Session classes will automatically appear on your academic record.

  • If you want to earn credit by taking a summer class at another school (including another UC), you must get the course work pre-approved by the dean of your college.

  • To earn credit for approved coursework taken on another campus, you must submit that transcript to Undergraduate Admissions.

UCR Extension

  • Only courses in UCR Extension's concurrent enrollment program are transferable and count toward your UCR degree.

  • Extension credit will not automatically appear on your academic record. You must submit an Extension transcript to Undergraduate Admissions.

  • If you are attending UCR Extension because you were dismissed from UCR, you may need to get additional approval and signatures before you can earn transferable credit.

  • Please contact UCR Extension with questions.

  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC)

    AFROTC participants train to become United States Air Force second lieutenants while completing their degree and may enroll in classes at California State University, San Bernardino. Call (909) 537-5440 for details.

  • Army ROTC (AROTC)

    Two and four-year AROTC programs are available through an agreement with Claremont McKenna College and the Department of Military Science at California State University, San Bernardino. Participants may earn elective credit toward their UCR degree. Successful completion results in a commission as a second lieutenant with subsequent service in the Army Reserve or National Guard. Call (909) 537-5533 (or 5534) for details.

  • Reserve Officer's Training Corps

    With dean approval, students may enroll in ROTC courses at another institution while completing their degree at UCR. Students interested in Air Force ROTC should contact Admissions at (951) 827-3411. Those interested in Army ROTC should contact our special programs coordinator at (951) 827-3409. Program pamphlets are also available at the Career Center.

  • Education Abroad Program (EAP)

    EAP gives UC students the opportunity to grow as global citizens while earning UC credit. It has study abroad programs in 36+ countries at the some of the finest universities in the world. Please contact EAP for details.

  • Intercampus Visitor Program (ICV)

    The ICV program is good for those who want to take an entire quarter of classes at another UC campus. Qualified participants can take classes unavailable at UCR, participate in unique programs or study with a specific faculty member. Students may enroll at another UC campus for only one term. Go to the Highlander One Stop Shop (HOSS), on the first floor of the Student Services Building, for additional information and an application. Please note: this program is not available during summer session.

  • Simultaneous Enrollment and Cross-Campus Enrollment

    Simultaneous Enrollment is similar to the ICV, but participants are enrolled in at least six units at UCR while simultaneously taking additional classes at another UC campus.  Cross-Campus Enrollment allows participants to simultaneously take online courses offered by another UC campus Participants of either program don't have to be formally admitted nor pay additional tuition/fees; however other fees may apply depending on the course. For additional information and application for Simultaneous Enrollment, please go to the Highlander One Stop Shop (HOSS), on the first floor of the Student Services Building.  For additional information and to initiate enrollment for Cross-Campus Enrollment course opportunities please go to crossenroll.universityofcalifornia.edu. Please note: the Simultaneous Enrollment program is not available during summer session.

    Eligibility requirements for both programs include:

    • Has completed a minimum of 12 units as a matriculated student at UCR (home campus).
    • Is enrolled for a minimum of 6 units for the current term at UCR (home campus)
    • Is in good standing.
    • Has the appropriate academic preparation as determined by the host campus.
    • Must have fees paid by Fee Payment deadline.
  • Senate Bill 1914 (Killea)

    Killea lets undergraduate students enrolled in any California community college, California State University or UC to enroll without formal admission in one course for one term at another campus within those three systems. This happens on a space-available basis and at the discretion of campus authorities. Contact us for program details and requirements.  Please note: this program is not available during summer session.

  • Cal State San Bernardino Cross-Registration Program

    This program allows full-time UCR undergraduate students (who have declared a major and are in good academic standing) to enroll at CSSB for one course per quarter. Approvals are required ahead of time from your academic advisor, college dean and our office. We can also give you application forms and deadline information. Please note: this program is not available during summer session!


If you are curious about internships, or want to know if you can earn credit for a particular one, please contact the Career Center. Contact us to learn more about these two standout internship programs: