Enrollment Adjustments  


How to Adjust Your Classes through the Add/Drop Period 

You can add, drop or change classes in R’Web until the end of the add/drop period. 

How to Adjust Your Classes After the Add/Drop period

After the add/drop period, all changes must be made with an online Enrollment Adjustment Form. Undergraduate students can access the form beginning Wednesday of week two. There is a $4 fee after the Friday of week three. 

For summer session classes, the process is different; enrollment adjustment forms are found here.

pic About The Enrollment Adjustment Form

The Enrollment Adjustment Form includes instructions on how to:

  • Add a class
  • Change a section
  • Withdraw from (drop) a class
  • Change your grading basis
  • Change variable units

The "Learn More" section has info for international students, those concerned about financial aid and those making retroactive enrollment adjustments.

pic You May Need to Obtain Signatures

After filling out the form, you will know if you need to print it out and obtain signatures.

A dean's signature is required when you:

  • Add or change a class after week three
  • Withdraw from a class after week six
  • Change your grading basis after week eight
  • Change variable units after week eight

Once you have obtained all signatures, turn the form in to your academic advisor.

pic After You Submit Your Form

You will receive emails notifying you of the status of your request. You may also visit MyForms.ucr.edu to check your progress.

pic Graduate Students

You may obtain a paper Enrollment Adjustment Form from your department’s graduate program coordinator beginning Wednesday of week two. Directions and required signatures will be made clear when you obtain the form. Bring your completed form to the Graduate Division.

If you are adding a class after week three, or dropping a class after week six, you may need to complete an additional form called the Graduate Petition for Late or Retroactive Enrollment Adjustment.