Families: Access Your Student's Records

  • UCR never gives private information out over the phone or by email (even with consent).
  • Growl is the online system students use to track their grades, view their transcripts, register for classes and view their financial statement of account.

Students Control Who Sees Their Information

While you understandably have an interest in your child's academic, financial or disciplinary records, you need permission to access those records. Your student can grant you that permission in a few different ways. See our Disclosure Policies for more details.

In general, sensitive information is only shared with the student’s consent, in a health or safety emergency or in accordance with another FERPA exception.

Frequently Asked Questions

pic How can I get a copy of my student's grades?

  • 1. Your student can give that information directly (e.g. print or email you a copy of their records).
  • 2. Your student can set you up as an “authorized user" in their Growl account. See how.

pic I'm paying for my child's education, why can't I get a copy of their records?

According to FERPA, a student’s records do not belong to the person paying for the student’s education – they belong to the student. Information is only shared with the student’s consent, in a health or safety emergency or pursuant to another FERPA exception. Your child may grant you permission to access their records in many ways. Please see our Disclosure Policies for details.

pic My student granted me access to Growl. Can you email a copy of his or her transcript?

We never release confidential information over the phone or by email. See our Request a Transcript page for ways to obtain one.

pic My student granted me access to Growl, what do I have permission to see?

Through Growl, your student can set it up so you can see their billing statements, financial aid information, grades and class schedule. They can also request that email reminders (including billing reminders) are sent directly to your email account.

Your student can also use Growl to grant you permission to speak with Financial Aid, Housing, and Student Business Services about your student’s financial account.

Growl authorization does not necessarily extend to other campus offices nor automatically grant you permission to discuss your child’s student record with the university.

Your student may also fill out a department-specific authorization forms if your Growl access isn’t getting you the information you need.

pic Can’t I just fill out one form and have access to everything?

UCR does not have a blanket release form covering the release of all student information to you. Release forms are generally very specific and students may be required to fill out department-specific authorization forms each time they request information be shared with you.

pic Does my Growl authorization or FERPA allow me access to my student’s medical and counseling records?

Not necessarily, unless it is an emergency. However, your student may be able to grant you access via specific release forms. Questions about medical records should be directed to the Student Health Services and questions about counseling records should be directed to the Counseling Center.

pic Will I be contacted if my student is sick or hurt? What if my child is in academic trouble or facing disciplinary action?

In most cases, the university will not contact you without your child's permission. In the case of an extreme emergency, where the health of your student is in serious jeopardy, or if there is a concern they pose a threat to themselves or others, the university may contact you. As a general guideline, if your child is able to communicate about the situation, it is up to them to decide if you are contacted.

pic Isn't there a FERPA provision that schools can contact parents if a student violates alcohol or drug policies?

FERPA regulations allow, but do not require, higher education institutions to provide notice to family when a student violates federal, state or local laws related to alcohol and/or drugs. UCR does not automatically disclose a student's alcohol and/or drug violations to family. This information may only be shared with the student’s consent, in a health or safety emergency or pursuant to another FERPA exception. Please contact the Dean of Students if you have any questions about your student's disciplinary records.

pic Where can I find out more about FERPA?

See the "FERPA Resources" box on this page for links to helpful websites and complete policies. We especially recommend UC FERPA 101.