Course Proposal and Review

Faculty Initiate a Course Proposal

Follow these steps to find a preparer, review guidelines, complete forms and make the course proposal process as smooth as possible.

    • Step 3. Find a preparer (the person who will prepare your course proposal).
    • Step 6. Give all completed forms to your preparer. You may enter your information directly into CRS or give your forms to the preparer.
    • Step 7. Work with your preparer and departmental staff to resolve any course proposal issues by applicable deadlines.

      Step 8. All proposal tracking takes place in CRS, either by logging in and searching, or by going to your "Work in Progress" queue.

Please email crsfeedback@ucr.edu if you need help!

Faculty Committee Member Review

Follow these steps to review a proposed course.

    • Step 1. Faculty has been assigned to a committe (College Executive Committe, Graduate Council Committee or Committee on Courses).

    • Step 2. Log into CRS (this is where the My Queue information will be loaded).

    • Step 3. Select the course you want to view by selecting the course number.

    • Step 4. Review the course selected by following the instructions detailed in this document for faculty.

    • Step 5. Search for a course, as detailed in this document for faculty.

Please email  crsfeedback@ucr.edu if you need assistance with either of these processe.