New Users  


How to Sign Up For CRAMS Training

Our two-part training sessions are the best way to learn how to submit a course proposal properly. Please email Course Specialist Melinda Miller to sign up for training.

How to Log in to CRAMS

Training is required for permission to log in to CRAMS (see above).


  1. Meet all system requirements.
  2. Double-click the CRAMS icon on your desktop.
  3. Enter your UCR Net ID and password and click OK.


  1. Meet all system requirements.
  2. Log in here using your UCR Net ID and password.

General Users

Use the Web-based CRAMS application to view all courses and search for proposals. Logging in is not necessary. Fields cannot be edited in this mode.

How to Update Your Profile

It’s important to keep your contact information (phone number, email) up-to-date in CRAMS because others may need to contact you during the course proposal process. Also, it helps to ensure all auto-fill functions work correctly. Updating your profile is easy:

Step 1.

Go to the CRAMS main menu and select Update Personal Profile.

Step 2.

You can change your phone number, extension and/or email in the Update Personal Profile menu. The superuser will have entered the shaded information.