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CRAMS Track Your Course Proposal

Monitor your proposal's progress during the back and forth of the approval process to ensure it reaches the appropriate Committee on Courses meeting.

Where is my proposal?

To find your proposal and see which stage it is at, you will need to set the correct search parameters in CRAMS.

  1. Start here: SEARCH Existing Courses. This will open a new tab. You will need to refer back to this tab for instructions.
  2. In the search form, set Course Tracking to <list>.
  3. Set or complete other fields as necessary and click "Search."
  4. Find the appropriate version your course proposal in the search results.
  5. Take note of the entry in the Tracking column and use this handout to decipher where your proposal is in the approval process.

Search for a Course in CRAMS

Approved Courses

Please allow five to seven days for the Office of the Registrar to process approved courses. If you have a course that has been approved and you need it processed more quickly, please contact Melinda Miller to have your request expedited.

Approval Routing

Learn more about the general approval routing process.