Course Management - Withdrawing / Unwithdrawing Courses  

If the department changes its mind and decides to withdraw a course submission before it is approved, the course can be withdrawn at the Preparer stage. If the department then decides to go ahead and submit the withdrawn course, it can unwithdraw the withdrawn course at the Preparer stage.


  1. The course must be in the Preparer's Work-in-Progress Queue for the course to be withdrawn, so the preparer must find out what level the course is at and ask for it to be returned.
  2. Click Work-in-Progress Queue at the CRAMS main menu.
  3. Highlight the course you wish to withdraw.
  4. Click Withdraw at the bottom of the screen. If the course is withdrawn before being submitted to the Reviewer, it never appears in the database.
  5. To withdraw the course after it has been submitted to the Reviewer (Registrar's Office), call the Reviewer to have the course returned to the Preparer level, where the course can bewithdrawn as above.



  1. Click Search/Modify Course at the CRAMS main menu.
  2. Search for the course that has been withdrawn after having been submitted to the Reviewer (Registrar's Office) (HINT: At the Action field, choose "Withdrawn"), and select the course.
  3. At the very top menu bar, under Tools, choose Unwithdraw Course and proceed to make changes or submit the course to the Reviewer (Registrar's Office).