Course Management - Deleting Courses  

  1. Click Search/Modify Course at the CRAMS main menu to search for the course you wish to delete (see "Search for a Course Guide").

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  2. Enter the Subject Area, Course Number, and Course Suffix (if any) of the course to be deleted. Set the remaining fields as needed. Click Search Courses.
  3. Double-click the version (usually the most recent) of the course to be deleted, or single-click and then click Select.
    NOTE: To preview the course in form format before you delete it, go to the very top menubar and click File and the Preview.Close the form to return to the database.
  4. From the very top menu bar, click Tools and then Delete Course. Note that after choosing Delete Course, the Last Effective Quarter is automatically filled in with the quarter just prior to the quarter in which the delete will be effective.


  5. Complete the Justification and Approvals fields and modify the First Effective Quarter and Year and the second and thirdfields on the Other Courses/Programs page if necessary. However, do not complete the Cross-listed field until step 6 below. To modify or complete a field, do the following:
    1. Right-click in the field and click Modify.
      NOTE: Clicking on History displays the history of a field (all previous versions). The Compare option is available only on longer fields and is designed for use only with courses that have been returned to you by the Reviewer or an approver (see "Returned Courses Guide").


    2. Revise the field.
    3. Enter the Field Justification if one displays and check spelling, if necessary.
    4. Click OK to exit the field.
  6. If the course is cross-listed, and its partner is also being deleted, enter the partner's subject area, course number, and course suffix (if any) in the Cross-listed field (see instructions in "Dealing with Cross-Listed Courses Guide", Creating and Revising Cross-listed Courses).


    If the partner is not being deleted, do not enter the partner's subject area, course
    number, and course suffix (if any) in the Cross-listed field; however, do state in the justification for the Cross-listed field that the partner is not being deleted (e.g., XXX- 000 is not being deleted).Also, notify the partner's department by E-mail that you have deleted your course and that they need to initiate a course change to uncross-list their course from yours.
  7. Save the course by clicking Save Work (top left of the screen).
  8. To exit the course without submitting, click Menu (top right of the screen). However, tosubmit the course, skip step 8 and go to step 9.
    NOTE: To subsequently retrieve the course, access it through the Work-in-Progress Queue WIPQ) at the CRAMS main menu.
  9. To proofread the course, click Proofread (top middle of screen) and use the form format that appears to proofread your input. Close the form to return to the CRAMS database and update the course if necessary.
  10. To submit the course to the Reviewer (Registrar's Office), click Submit Course (top middle of screen). If you find you have submitted in error, call the Reviewer to have the course returned to you.
    NOTE: The Change Summary page and Preview format will show the Reviewer the fields that have changed from the last approved version.