Prepare Successful Proposals

If your department has designated you its course proposal preparer, we can help you schedule training, explain the proposal process, show you what materials you need to get from faculty and give you confidence when entering the actual proposal in the Course Request and Maintenance System (CRAMS) or Course Request System (CRS).

    • Step 2. Review users and definitions to understand the role each person plays in the process and to clarify unfamiliar terms.
    • Step 4. (CRAMS ONLY) Make sure your computer meets all system requirements and that you have "superuser" permission to run CRAMS.
    • Step 5. (CRAMS ONLY) Call the Help Desk (2-3555) to have CRAMS installed on your PC.
    • Step 7. Most proposals require you to request reports showing how other courses and programs would be impacted. See if your proposal falls into this category and request reports through our online form.
    • Step 8. Enter the proposal in CRAMS. Keep helpful forms and any faculty-provided worksheets handy as you work through the process.
    • Step 9. After you submit the proposal, work with faculty and departmental staff to make adjustments to the proposal as needed (based on review/approver feedback).

      Step 10. CRAMS users will track your proposal throughout the approval process while CRS users will log in and search for your proposal. All users must ensure that their proposal reaches the correct Committee on Courses meeting.

Please email if you need help!