Scheduling Academic Course Activities  


How to Schedule Academic Course Activities

If you have been designated to schedule course activities for your department, we can help. Here is how it works:

Receive the "Call"

Your department will receive a "call" memo before the quarter begins. The "call" memo includes these helpful documents:

Scheduling Courses in SIS

Using the "call" memo documents, you will enter course information into the Student Information System (SIS) in accordance with Academic Scheduling deadlines.

Learn how to attend SIS training, gain access to the system and download a SIS manual here.

Scheduling Rooms and Special Requests

You can request specific classrooms, buildings, equipment and more for your course. While you are entering course information into SIS, submit any room requests by emailing Margaret Stewart or Heather Edberg. Be as specific as necessary. If for any reason we can't accommodate your request, we will contact you with alternative solutions.

To reserve a room for a one-time event tied to your course, see One-Time Events.

For one-time technology and maintenance requests, see Media and Maintenance.