Media and Maintenance  


Get Tech Support for Your Classroom

Contact Multimedia Technologies at (951) 827-3041 or for help with:

  • Equipment training (how to use projectors, microphones, etc.)
  • Before-or-after-hours usage (using technology in your room outside of class hours)
  • Reserving special equipment (portable equipment that can come to you)
  • Technical difficulties (including network issues)
  • Early media set-up for one-time events

Visit Smart Classrooms to see media technology available in each general assignment classroom.

To request a classroom with specific technology for ongoing academic activities (lectures, etc.), please see Scheduling Academic Course Activities.

Make Classroom Maintenance Requests

Classroom too cold? Too hot? Chalkboard or floor dirty?

  • 1. Log into R'Space
  • 2. Scroll to the Tools box
  • 3. Click Trouble Tickets
  • 4. Click link "Submit a Physical Plant trouble ticket"
  • You can also call (951) 827-3408 and we will submit a trouble ticket on your behalf.

    Desks missing? Blinds or windows broken? Call us at (951) 827-3408 and we will submit a work order to Physical Plant on your behalf.