Adding / Updating in SIS  


Adding & Updating Course Information in Banner and Classroom Assignments in 25Live

We are here to help staff members who update their department's academic course information in Banner and classroom assignments in 25Live. We strongly encourage you to complete the Banner - Academic Scheduling and 25Live tutorials so that you can work in both systems successfully and meet all deadlines.  In-person training is also available upon completion of the applicable tutorials.


Gain SIS Access

Request or update SIS screen access.

You should have access to the following screens:

  • 105 - Course Section Scan
  • 125 - Course Inventory Maintenance
  • 126 - Course Subtitles
  • 1F3 - Faculty Member Profile
  • 1F5 - Faculty Teaching Schedule
  • 129 - Course Section Maintenance
  • 130 - Course Section Meeting Schedule
  • 131 - Section Registration Controls
  • 132 - Section Faculty Assignments
  • 1C6 - Classroom Schedule Request (if you'll be scheduling department rooms in SIS)
  • 1C7 - Classroom Usage (search capability)
  • 1C8 - Classroom Weekly Usage (search capability)
  • 1C9 - Special Event Search (search capability)

Meet Deadlines

All course information for the upcoming quarter should be entered into SIS by the Department Schedule of Classes Copy Deadline provided in the "Call" memo. See all Academic Scheduling deadlines here.


If you have any questions, please call Academic Scheduling at (951) 827-3408.